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Overcome Public Speaking Fear

  • The Colonnade Business Center 1661 International Drive Ste 400 Memphis, TN, 38120 United States (map)

Calm Your Nerves During Public Speaking

Everyone has moments when they are nervous to speak aloud.  In this learn at lunch, you will learn proven methods to help manage your fight or flight response so your voice feels free and unrestricted. 

Muscles naturally tense in difficult communicative interactions.  Fear and anxiety create tension in parts of the body- neck, chest, shoulders, back, abdomen, and buttocks- due to shallow breathing, poor body posture, and fight or flight.  Students will learn a variety of strategies to manage the vocal symptoms of public speaking fear and anxiety:

BREATHING: Learn how to breathe properly for speech production.  Deep abdominal breathing and rib cage expansion exercises help to increase respiratory volume to achieve a strong, confident voice quality. 

ALIGNMENT: Counteract the effects of forward folding body posture associated with nervousness and fight or flight.  Students will learn simple posture adjustment techniques used by stage performers to stand tall to convey confidence.  

CONTROL YOUR VOICE: Public speaking fear results in voice strain, quiver, or pitch rise as the speaker produces sound at the level of the throat.  Students will learn physical postures that will help to drop the vocal resonance into the body's core to achieve a grounded vocal quality.

 Class fee is $45.00 

Techniques are derived from The Heather Lyle Vocal Yoga Method.