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Laura L Bresee MACCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist certified by the American Speech & Hearing Association

Certified Woman Owned Small Business

Certified Teacher for the Heather Lyle Vocal Yoga Method®

Rhythm guitar student at the School of Rock Memphis


Hi, I'm Laura Bresee. I specialize in speech and voice coaching for broadcasters, performers, and speakers of all skill level.  It is well documented how your voice and body responds to unfamiliar and unnatural speaking situations.  I can assure you there are proven strategies to help you manage the discomfort so you will perform at your best. 

Formally educated in Speech Language Pathology, I use an evidence based, physiological approach to speech and voice coaching that goes beyond singing and performance arts training. 

"I have provided speech and voice rehabilitation to many people with disordered speech and voice due to traumatic brain injury, stroke, developmental speech disorders, and acquired neurological conditions. Many have regained functional levels of oral communication through dedicated practice. "  
"Working with a public speaker or voice artist is different.  I already know most clients with typical brain functioning have the physiological capability to achieve confident voice quality and a strong performance presence.  Speech and voice difficulties tend to arise when faced with unfamiliar audiences; high stress situations; speaking new languages; or, presenting unfamiliar subject matter.  Controlling the stress 'flight or fight' response and harnessing the vocal and physical symptoms that emerge as a result of the built up tension are a major focus of training."